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Actually they seem to finally be getting rid of the (I presume) lactic acid, which is lovely: it makes it easier to eat and easier to find a comfortable position to sit or lie in to avoid pins and needles. It's really amazing how many muscles you use to lie down from a sitting position.

My knee which is bruised on the left (ie outside)? So I finally last night found a comfortable way to lie on my right side, the only problem being that I thereby discovered a sore spot on the inside of my knee. This morning I found there a brand new giant bruise. Presumably extra blood descending right through everything else in the knee to the lowest point, or something. Bodies are weird.

Got driven home for a visit for more clothes and to feed the cat. We arrived at the time of day Boots would expect me home anyway so she came running and miaowing in delight/demand. Then she caught sight of the crutches and shrank back. I continued haltingly inside while my sister placated the cat, and even lured her into the house, but when she saw me using the crutches again it was all too much and she fled.

Have felt a little bit of the blahs descending, which is unsurprising but something to stave off if I can. When mild, they're most easily banished for me by some kind of achievement and as I was sick of sitting around as well I decided I would help make dinner. So I chopped two zucchinis and put them on the stove to boil (and then my sister pulled the rest of dinner together and brought it all out to me on a tray). And afterwards I went and got myself a glass of milk and rinsed out the empty milk bottle. So now I feel like a super-achiever and am resting on the couch again.

But tomorrow, if All The Muscles behave, I might actually be able to go home and look after myself: I'll just have to chunk everything into short bursts and carry things in a bag around my neck or something. And Boots will have to get used to the crutches.
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