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Title: Long Walk Home
Author: Zeborah
Fandom: Covert Affairs (seasons 1-2)
Song: Long Walk Home by Cathleen, licensed Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 2.0 Germany

(If you've never seen Covert Affairs, all you need to know is that Annie Walker is a CIA operative and lives with her sister Danielle.)

Download: from Minus (.avi, 43MB)
Streaming at Youtube:

Once there was a time
When I lived at the edge of town
Always wanting to move away
To live life on my own

But it's a long walk,
it's a long walk
it's a long walk home.

I walked through the stormy nights
I ran down a road so fast
Now birds sing their well known songs
Oh how I wish that this could last!

It's a long walk,
it's a long walk
it's a long walk home.
It's a long walk,
it's a long walk
it's a long walk home.

Silence in the valleys
Silence in the streets
Silence in the mountains
Silence in the air

Oh, it's a long walk,
it's a long walk
it's a long walk home.
It's a long walk,
it's a long walk
it's a long walk home.

I feel that fanvidding doesn't abuse copyright as regards the source video - it's taking tiny snippets and massively transforming them. As regards the music, however... So one of my New Year's Resolutions is to limit myself from now on to vidding to Public Domain or Creative Commons licensed music. Jamendo is one good source of the latter - granted there's some not-so-great music mixed in there, but once I belatedly noticed the Top 100 tracks that problem went away. The Top 100 even has a less massive male:female ratio....

No major new technical issues except that I was drawing heavily for the first section on episode 1, which I only have in .mkv format and converting (via Handbrake) to .m4v left it really pixellated at full-screen. Something in the conversion via .ogv to .avi seems to have improved it a bit, but really it's better at its native 848x352. (Yes, I cropped off the network logo again. I did keep the original 16:9 version this time; am pondering both the odd shape and whether it's as noticeable to viewers as it is to me where there should be more image, because if so then I'll just have to resign myself to either a) the logo or b) never vidding anything until after it's out on DVD.)
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