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2017-03-16 10:54 pm

In which she thinks Criminal Minds s12e16 is being sneaky with us

I'm irritated at the whole "innocent man goes to prison and it's unjust but let's not actually examine the systemic issues with prison" trope, but I think I'm going to enjoy [Here be spoilers and speculation] )
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2016-02-04 06:22 pm

Favourite short stories for January

Ghost Night by Dani Atkinson

Urban fantasy where the fantasy is, in the author's words, 'commonplace enough to make the weather report'. I have to say, the warding precautions are so complex I honestly think the authorities have a point saying '...Actually just don't even try.' Though I also see the point that people will be desperate enough. So, probably there should be licensed practitioners or something.

It Brought Us All Together, by Marissa Lingen

(A reread as I perform browser-tab maintenance.) This is about grief and reminds me a lot about the earthquakes even though it's nothing to do with that.

So Much Cooking by Naomi Kritzer

Food blog + bird flu pandemic = all of the earthquake feels that got missed out by the previous story.

Yuanyuan’s Bubbles by Liu Cixin

The utility of beauty: blowing soap bubbles as climate change-induced drought threatens a city.

Today I Am Paul by Martin L. Shoemaker

This was sweetly sad (reminding me of the recent Dutch documentary about a care-bot prototype being alpha-tested) and then I reached the last line and the only thing that stopped me bawling my eyes out was that I was visiting family and I didn't feel like explaining.

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2016-01-02 09:26 am

Favourite short stories for December

I thought I had more than this but in the rush of December either I didn't read as much as I thought or I lost my other review(s). Anyway I have at least:

First Draft of the Revolution, by Emily Short (commissioned, designed and coded by Liza Daly and completed by Inkle)

An interactive epistolary novel set in a pre-revolutionary magical France. A must-read just for the form; but the story is satisfying, and there are all sorts of delightful tendrils of creepiness that linger in the mind afterwards.

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2015-12-03 11:30 pm

Favourite short stories for November

Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers, by Alyssa Wong

Starts with the classic 'Creepy dude preying on women is fallen on by his intended prey' but then it continues and is creepy awesome.

Needle on Bone, by Helena Bell

I didn't at the start understand why the narrator's equating their lover with the aliens, but by the end: yes. Yes, and so poignantly.

Cradle, by Tom Jolly

Why do wildly different aliens so often subsist in such similar atmospheres to our own? That's not the point of this story, but it has an implicit answer to it anyway.

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2015-11-01 07:29 pm

Favourite short stories for October

“Swan Lake for Beginners” - by Heather O’Neill

A sweetly absurd tale about cloning ballet dancers.

Variations on an Apple - by Yoon Ha Lee

The Apple of Discord, alternate timestreams, and a city.

These two go together:

eyes I dare not meet in dreams - by Sunny Moraine

About the fridging of women, and a resistance to it, and does it make any difference?

Let's Tell Stories of the Deaths of Children - by Margaret Ronald

On the fridging of children. And the forgetting of old goddesses. And temptation and the lies that support it.

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2015-06-05 08:51 pm

Favourite short stories for June

Three Voices - Uncanny Magazine

Creepy creepy - both the mundane creepy controllingness of the pov character and in a completely different way the specfic element slips in and builds to its crescendo.

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2015-06-05 08:51 pm

Favourite short stories for May

Clarkesworld Magazine - Science Fiction & Fantasy : An Evolutionary Myth by Bo-young Kim

Brilliant, sensawundaful, take on evolution and ontogeny repeats phylogeny set in the Goguryeo dynasty.

Hunting Monsters by S.L. Huang | The Book Smugglers

A sweetly dark story with hints of Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, and a slantwise Bluebeard.

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2014-11-06 11:26 pm

In which she woke up and Moffat-era Doctor Who was all just a dream

Not really. That doesn't happen in real life. (In real life it's a glorious Saturday morning, you've done all your chores and it's only 8:30am, the whole weekend ahead of you, and then you wake up and it's Tuesday and it's raining.) But wouldn't it be cool if it did?

Spoilers for season 8 ep 11, the '3W' episode )
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2014-09-02 08:50 pm

In which she watches the second episode (Doctor Who 08.02)

I'm determined to go into this one trying/expecting to like it, in the hopes that my recent dislike of All the Doctor Who is at least partly due to justified bias against the Moffat.

This lasts literally four seconds. )
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2014-08-24 06:25 pm
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In which another Doctor

Standard warning for how I don't think Moffat is all that (at this point I just watch like one watches the depressing parts of the news - in order to keep up with current events rather than to enjoy oneself - and then I come here to rant about it because you just can't keep it bottled up) so if you do think he's all that or even half of that you probably just want to move along.

Spoilers, sweetie (S08.01) )
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2013-11-25 09:56 pm

An anti-squee post for Day of the Doctor (and the Five(ish) Doctors)

People who enjoyed the episode have the entire internet to squee in. To them I will cheerfully say, "It was classic Moffat. So how about this weather?"

To everyone else, I dedicate this post. Warning: squee-harshing about to commence )
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2013-11-02 10:07 pm

In which Elementary does it again

I love this show more and more every week. In many ways it's light, but it respects its female characters.

Spoilers for Elementary S2 episodes 5 and 6 )

Not to even mention the friendship between Sherlock and Watson, every episode. The theme is partnership and mutual respect, and it's awesome.
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2012-06-21 01:46 pm

In which she watches the Pirates of Penzance

Being home sick with a cold seemed a good opportunity to watch the Pirates of Penzance like I've always been meaning to, and so I did. I only fell asleep three times which seemed pretty good going.

It was less of a comedy than I'd been led to believe. With every moment of potential happiness overshadowed by the ruthless Ruth's determination to manipulate her five-year-old charge into marrying her, it struck me as a commentary ahead of its time on female-on-male pedophilia. (It was interesting to note in contrast the conspicuous background detail of the harem the major-general must have kept to produce so many daughters of like age.) By the end, of course, everyone is entangled in the resulting climactic battle. Since the next thing I was aware of was waking up to the title-screen's hauntingly cynical repetition of the leitmotif "I am the very model of a modern major-general", I can only presume that everyone died, including said major-general, leaving his daughters -- ironically -- orphans in truth.

In other news, it's amazing how refreshed one feels on waking up from a good nap, and how little time this lasts upon standing up to pour oneself a fresh drink.
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2012-01-02 08:05 am

Books read August - December 2011

I had a dramatic downturn in my reading in the second half of the year, I think because I started getting some energy back and being able to think about creating again (fanfic, fanvids, pottering at original fiction, etc). So might as well glom these months together:

15 books read in 5 months )

Stats for 2011 as a whole:
Total books read - 89, of which
71 by women;
35 by people of colour;
3 by LGBT authors (! okay, I need to do more reading here)
17 by New Zealand authors
22 science fiction
12 fantasy
8 "unfantasy" which is a tag I use when I don't think/don't know that the author would call it fantasy (eg it portrays spirituality or cultural beliefs) but I think fantasy readers would enjoy it for the same reasons that they enjoy fantasy. Or something like that. It's a very subjective thing.
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2011-06-29 08:53 pm
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A Softer Universe

A Softer Universe is a mashup of A Softer World with Doctor Who.

It has River:
click for River

And Amy:
click for Amy

And Jack:
click for Jack

And Canton:
click for Canton

And all the other cool people.
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2011-06-09 09:42 pm
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In which she about dies of stunned laughing

Skullcrusher Mountain a Doctor/Master crackvid. The Doctor's expressions are fantastic. And the long moment where the Master pauses in his evil scheme to lovingly study the Doctor's sleeping face. And the... the whole verse about the monkey/pony monsters is... I don't think I'll ever get tired of that bit of spectacularly wonderful WTFery.

My other favourite Master fanvids are both from Ten's era:

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better - is another Doctor/Master fanvid, just as hilarious, not quite as much "...What did I just see?"

Don't Stop Me Now - a joyride through the Master's life as Saxon.