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Chez Cecile is a column in the locale by a French native adjusting to New Zealand. In this case to our relatively indirect mode of communication. I didn't think New Zealand had that much of a Guess culture - obviously the degree varies - but I recognise so much of what she describes and not all from my own insecurities.

"Interesting" seems to me a natural thing though. I mean, obviously a non-native speaker has to learn that it has a secondary meaning as a euphemistic insult. But in the situation described, when you really want to rant to a group of friends about another person in your group, but have to bear in mind the possibility that maybe the rest of your group think said person is the bee's knees, it just seems incredibly useful to be able to broach the possibility with sufficiently plausible deniability that you can rapidly backpedal as needed to avoid becoming a social outcast.

I guess in Ask cultures one just goes ahead and says, "Wow, she's a real poophead," and then if everyone retorts, "No, you're the poophead," one just goes ahead and backpedals with actual words or something? Or doesn't. Either way this just seems made for TV drama.
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Chicken soup is awesomesauce. It's easy to make from a can, it's full of protein-y goodness, and it makes that really stale bread edible again.

Funny story! When I was sick once in Korea I thought I'd order chicken soup. But when it arrived it turned out to be a chicken. In soup. It was surprisingly difficult to eat with chopsticks, and I hadn't even expected it to be that easy.

After that whenever I was sick I'd order bean paste soup instead.


Someone wrote: "When I think of Wild Wild West, I'll always remember the moment when Branaugh's 'evil plan' was revealed - part of it involved returning California and Texas to Mexican control. Myself and 3/4 of the audience cheered."

And I immediately thought, what would happen if, when the Evil Overperson revealed their dastardly plan, Our Protagonist said, "...Your ideas intrigue me and I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter"?

Awesomesauce, that's what!


After my comment to chuk_g, I got to thinking about all the other ways New Zealand is totally cooler than anywhere else in the world, and I decided a list was called for!

Top reasons why New Zealand is more awesome than Your Country

1. As I was saying, we bring our DIY attitude to interspecies biological warfare.

2. We can spot a capital "Z" on a page faster than anyone else in the world.

3. Our prime ministers guest star on the national soap opera.

4. We got new copyright legislation changed because of our online protest.

5. We contain Ancient Greece, Middle Earth, and Narnia. Trufax: when I was a kid, me and my family orienteered where the Pevensies fought the White Witch.

6. We invented jet boats, bungy jumping, zorbing, and even weirder extreme sports.

7. The populace regularly infiltrates our secret spy base.

8. Pineapple lumps.

9. Native birds attack invaders such as sheep, cars, and the Scottish.

Hmm, my fever seems to have fizzled out. I'll continue the list if and when it returns.


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