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Dictated a few hundred words of a new story tonight. So far so sucky. But if it works enough to finish I can always revise.

I've also been playing Taipan by voice command. We used to play Taipan as kids on the Apple IIe; I remember reading Tom Sawyer while pressing F-F-F-F-F-F-F to keep shooting hostile vessels. 20+ years later I've got an Apple IIe emulator on my MacBook, and have taught Dragon Dictate the necessary commands so I don't hurt my hand. Instead I scritch my cat, saying, "Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight."

On weddings and royalty: I like having a Queen. I say this as someone with extremely liberal views. I feel that, given that a democratic government's job is to appeal to populism in order to retain power, it's really important to have an extra layer of government independent of all that who could, if necessary, provide a veto.

Nevertheless (and despite my deep respect for the Queen) I don't really care about our royal family more than I do about any other random family, nor about their wedding.

On the gripping hand, I have an amused total lack of sympathy for USans complaining that this totally irrelevant-to-them wedding is taking over their social network conversations. Whatever, folks, we have to put up with your election talk for months, you can cope with a day or so of wedding. (Text fails at tone. Please read benign irony, not snark.)

--Ditto for other citizens of the Commonwealth. I put up with rugby talk; no doubt everyone has talk that they put up with. Now we just add a wedding to the list, what's the fuss?
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I just went to wheel my green bin out to the curb to be collected by a really noisy truck at a really early hour tomorrow morning right outside my bedroom window.

And I chanced to look at the footpath and discover four little craters of sand perched on the crack between gutter and path. And I looked closer and there were all these wee ants carrying grains of sand up out of their respective holes and setting them down on top of their respective craters.

You guys, I have a game of SimAnt running right outside my letterbox!
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Dear Boots,

Thank you for helping me play Bugs, but actually I'd quite like to see what score I could get if you didn't hold down the mouse button for me.

I remain,

Yr humble servant,


PS: In addition to which and moreover, I can also post to LiveJournal without your help too.


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