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2012-04-14 03:03 pm

Fanvid: Lemmings in Love (Criminal Minds)

Title: Lemmings in Love
Vidder: Zeborah
Fandom: Criminal Minds (seasons 1-5)
Music: Lemmings in Love by pornophonique (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA)
Licensed: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
Summary: Haley and Aaron Hotchner walk side by side. Even when they don't.

Trigger warnings: Lots of quick cutting. Some violence and blood.

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows (captions available)

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2012-03-19 07:54 pm

Fanvid: Straight to Hell (White Collar)

Title: Straight to Hell
Vidder: Zeborah
Video source: White Collar (fair use for purposes of commentary, etc)
Spoilers: All of seasons 1-3
Music source: Straight to Hell by Lorenzo's Music, licensed Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike; therefore
Fanvid license: Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike
Summary: Peter's road is paved with good intentions.

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows (includes captions):

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2012-02-12 11:55 pm

Fanvid: Long Walk Home

Title: Long Walk Home
Author: Zeborah
Fandom: Covert Affairs (seasons 1-2)
Song: Long Walk Home by Cathleen, licensed Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 2.0 Germany

(If you've never seen Covert Affairs, all you need to know is that Annie Walker is a CIA operative and lives with her sister Danielle.)

Download: from Minus (.avi, 43MB)
Streaming at Youtube:

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2012-01-02 12:20 pm

Fanvid: Literal Eclipse of the Heart

First off, if you haven't seen the literal video version of Total Eclipse of the Heart, you need to do that, it's probably the classic of the genre. Here, let me make it easy:

(In case you wondered, Sony don't understand the concept of "parody" so got the original taken down; the reframing with the cat means it's not automatically discovered so has been able to stay up longer in most countries.)

Now my fanvid:
Literal Eclipse of the Heart
Lead Vocals: PersephoneMaewyn
Lyrics / Vocals / Editing: dascottjr
Music: Jim Steinman
Video: from Doctor Who (New Who) seasons 1-6
Vidder: Zeborah
Summary: A literal fanvid of the literal video version of Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart. My meta, let me show you it.

Download: Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows (captions available)

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2011-11-27 05:36 pm

Five fanvids to the tune of Handlebars by the Flobots

Iron Man, by Deejay
This is my favourite. I watched it knowing nothing about Iron Man, and it inspired me to track down the movie, and now I love it even more because it's all true. The words and images and character and plot all seem to go together so perfectly. I particularly love
  • the suiting-up scene with the swell of the music (incidentally, I think the construction of the suit provides a great structure to the vid, making it easy to follow the narrative even when unfamiliar with the source)
  • the magazines at the end (contrasted with the magazines at the start)
  • and that final flicker of his eyes.
Doctor Who, by Seah and Margie (Flummery)
This is approximately as awesome. That is, I do prefer the Iron Man one, but this seems to be more famous and even when I see people aware of both, they often prefer this, so. The song definitely suits the Doctor, too; maybe it's just that I'm a bit jaded about his angst in this respect, or maybe it's just that I saw the Iron Man one first. This one does probably have some more moments where it can be more literal - but then it really loses out in the "end the planet in a holocaust" lines where the vast majority of the explosions are caused by someone else, whereas Tony Stark gets to play a rather more active role in his flamethrowing etc.

West Wing, by chaila
The nature of The West Wing means this video is by necessity much less literal than the first two, but that doesn't mean it works less well thematically. And it's a fantastic parallel/contrast of, hmm! church vs state, with a lovely matching motif of Rose Window vs Presidential Seal.

Merlin, by such heights
I've only ever watched one episode of Merlin, so don't have sufficient context. Given this, for me it's not as powerful as the others - I found it harder to construct it into a narrative the way I could with the Iron Man one, and it didn't help that the point of view goes back and forth between Arthur and Merlin. But it's interesting that, where the other versions have the final lines cycling back around, this has them shifting to the women, like it's the beginning of a new story.

White Collar, by mouthmount
I've managed to get myself obsessed by White Collar in the last couple of months, and this song fits Neal perfectly. This video unfortunately doesn't quite reflect that. Technically it's got moments where the timing's out, and the clip choice can be shaky - especially from about halfway through there's a lot of places where a clip's been chosen because it fits lyrics literally, but from the wrong point of view, so at best you lose the focus on Neal. (In particular, the "microphone" stuff -- there's plenty shots of Neal public speaking, albeit not with a microphone -- and "I can hit a target through a telescope" paired with someone else targeting Neal. I'd have used the clip of Neal skeet shooting instead -- that's used a bit further on but doesn't seem to really fit there.) However, there's bunches of lovely clips, like the ticking clock at "keep rhythm", the "make you want to buy a product", the "vaccinations/exasperation/laceration/assassination" series, and the flashback introduced with the explosions running backwards, and I really like the way it uses the Parachuting Scene of Awesome for the start and end.
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2011-11-16 11:00 pm

Two fanvids I'm not perfectly happy with and why

Both of these I have days where I look at them and think they're pretty darn fine despite their flaws, and days where I look at them and think they're terribly flawed despite being otherwise fine.

Download links for each are at my fanvid master post.

Title: Just One Person
Fandom: Criminal Minds - (up to season 2 episode 15)
Music: "Just One Person" by Bernadette Peters

YouTube (no captions, sorry; doing both speech and lyrics would require serious actual fiddling with timing, and it's late and I don't adore the vid quite sufficiently for the effort):

Notes on Just One Person )

Title: Wishin' and Hopin'
Fandom: White Collar (up to season 3 episode 10)
Pairing: OT3 Elizabeth/Peter/Neal
Music: "Wishin' and Hopin'" by Ani DiFranco

YouTube (includes captions):

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2011-10-10 09:19 pm

Fanvid: Living Doll

Title: Living Doll
Fandom: Doctor Who - spoilers for most of season 6
Music: "Living Doll" by Cliff Richard

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows:

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2011-06-09 09:42 pm
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In which she about dies of stunned laughing

Skullcrusher Mountain a Doctor/Master crackvid. The Doctor's expressions are fantastic. And the long moment where the Master pauses in his evil scheme to lovingly study the Doctor's sleeping face. And the... the whole verse about the monkey/pony monsters is... I don't think I'll ever get tired of that bit of spectacularly wonderful WTFery.

My other favourite Master fanvids are both from Ten's era:

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better - is another Doctor/Master fanvid, just as hilarious, not quite as much "...What did I just see?"

Don't Stop Me Now - a joyride through the Master's life as Saxon.
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2010-12-09 11:47 pm
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In which fanvids are all about the female gaze

Many to most tv shows and movies are about men doing stuff and women looking pretty. Fanvids tend to reverse that. Which wouldn't be any more healthy if it existed in isolation, but as a reaction to mainstream culture it makes a pretty sweet change.

Men looking pretty
DreamyViper's Raining Men (YouTube) is so well-known it's gone mainstream. I think my boss saw it even before I did. Men in period costume getting "a little damp".

I Want Candy by [community profile] vagabondage and [personal profile] laurashapiro is more modern and less costume. So to speak. There's still a certain amount of water. (For me the last clip was a bit of a weak note to end on, but probably just because he's not from one of my own fandoms.)

And then On the Prowl by [livejournal.com profile] sisabet and [personal profile] sweetestdrain is very good but I give serious warnings for violence; in one place, even one of the vidders had to look away from editing it... It explores the line from candy to kink and hurt/comfort to beyond. It's been compared to Women's Work which I think is valid in a compare-and-contrast kind of way, because whatever similarities there are in content still become differences in context.

Women doing stuff
The classic vid may be [personal profile] damned_colonial's A Vindication of the Rights of Women, in which period women don't give a damn 'bout their bad reputation, thus providing a nice counterpart to Raining Men.

[livejournal.com profile] arefadedaway's One Girl Revolution is similar though covers past, present and future alike and focuses a bit less on the fun and a bit more on the awesomeness.

I would love to show [livejournal.com profile] danegen's Around the Bend, in which women drive cars and motorbikes and planes and spaceships, to the person who put together the Warehouse catalogue where car seat covers, car washing sets, and an iPod-compatible car stereo system are labelled as "Gifts for him".

And [livejournal.com profile] absolutedestiny's I Enjoy Being a Girl, in which women enjoy kicking ass, brings a much-needed dose of girl power to terribly girly lyrics. Irony redeems all! -- even "my ivory shoulder" -- and the musical interludes (especially the cymbals!) are absolutely glorious. <watches it again> Did I say absolutely glorious? I meant OMG the editing OMG!

See also: a bunch of links to feminist vids.
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2010-11-05 09:53 pm
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In which she watched Firefly a couple of months ago

Firefly gave me something to do during the early weeks of the quake, but I never got around to telling the world my view on it.

My view is simply this:

It could have been quite a decent show if they'd removed all the men and replaced them with some actual plots.

Okay, I lied, I have other views too. ) So the best part of Firefly/Serenity, in my opinion, is the fanvids. And with that I segue smoothly into:

Three fanvids about words
(This was going to be "three fanvids about words from shows I've never watched, except I only had two of them, and while I waited to come across a third I watched Firefly. Also the third one I came across was from Star Trek, which I had watched. Also technically I've seen bits of episodes of SGA too. So I just gave up on that part.)

Verb (Star Trek Reboot) by [personal profile] lapillus
Nice fun educational fluff. --I feel the need to clarify that 'fluff' isn't a bad thing, it's just not narratively or thematically deep, and that's okay because it's fun. And also in this case educational!

Language (Stargate:Atlantis) by [livejournal.com profile] newkidfan
I know who the people are, more or less, but not what's happening, and it doesn't matter a bit. The silence this speaks about is almost tangible. It makes me hold my breath straining to hear what isn't actually in an auditory mode. And that tension is held throughout, never resolved.

Sequence (Firefly/Serenity) by Lim [warning for some strobe effect]
Again I knew a bit about River Tam before watching, but nothing about the plot, and this vid worked just as well for me before I'd seen the series as after. And again, oh, the tension. It's coloured differently than that in Language but the shape is very much the same.
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2010-10-03 07:04 pm

Fanvid: Blue

I meant to upload this a long time ago. It's like something came up and distracted me or something.

Title: Blue
Fandom: Doctor Who
Music: "I'm Blue (da ba dee)" by Eiffel 65
Triggers: I can't think of any, but if anyone notices something I'll update this.

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows:

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2010-08-28 03:18 pm
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In which she also has a thing for fanvids

I don't normally post fanvid recs because I get them all from veni_vidi_vids so if anyone cares about vids they'll be there first anyway. But I feel the urge today, so here's two utterly idiosyncratic categories of fanvids:

Vids about River Song that don't end with the "Bye" cartoon
I love vids about River Song. And I love the "Bye" cartoon. But there is too much of a good cliche. Fortunately there's always something else too!

Set My World Into Motion by beccatoria
Gorgeous split-screen use - sometimes just to cram more action into fewer seconds, sometimes to show synchronicity (er, inasmuch as events in two different time periods are happening at the same time...), and sometimes to highlight parallels between episodes (♥ "eyes staring back" and "nothing but black"). Lots of fun, and also some thinky thoughts.

Run With Me by chaila
Lots of parallelism of imagery. ♥ "ABC" and "It's just textbook stuff." I think maybe the point of view is a little wonky? - it seems to me that it's meant to be from River's pov but the first high note is timed so it looks like the Doctor's shouting it. But maybe it is meant to be from his, or maybe dual pov - their stories are working in opposite directions so far, after all. Unfortunately blip.tv and me aren't fond of each other so I won't be able to watch enough times to figure it out.

The World Is Not Enough by cvalda
Okay I cheat! This one actually does end on the "Bye" cartoon, but unlike many of the others that do it really earns the right through the romp and especially the leadup to the end. River Song as Bond. So much fun... and creepy undertones, particularly with the ash/reflection clips that make up the "If we can't have it all, then nobody will" sequence.

Vids that use parallelism of positioning to good effect
I always thought I wasn't kinaesthetic. But maybe five years ago I realised that the relative position of things is something I feel strongly. So seeing this particular kind of effect in vids just really makes me extra happy.

O Fortuna by curriejean
I adore this music. And this vid uses it brilliantly. The little flashes of foresight on the little chimes are gorgeous. And Gallifrey as "the tower of wisdom". And Rose/Martha/Donna/Amy merging into an ur-Companion, and that sensawunda encompassing the fan-viewer. But on parallelism of positioning: watch the beginning, introducing each Companion, and see where the flashes of the TARDIS show up for each one. This gets echoed later on in the vid where the Doctor's holding Amy's wrist and the TARDIS moves from him to her.

(I am a pedant so have to note - in the credits, which list the Latin part of the song and its translation, there's also an additional line "pectus pectoris est maior intus". Which... I'm pretty sure was written without an understanding of Latin because "pectus" means "chest" not "heart", let alone metaphorical heart, and while "pectus pectoris" might mean "chest of chests" it's more likely that it was just copied from a dictionary - Latin dictionaries list the singular nominative and plural genitive because from those two you can work out how the noun is declined. So it's a bit of a shame this bit wasn't just left in its original English which sums up the vid marvellously: the heart is larger within.)

Bachelorette by obsessive24 (warning for serious strobe effects; and violence)
A Buffy ensemble vid. Not just incidental parallelism of positioning, this also has parallelism of body language and morphing transitions to really ram it home. I'm in absolute awe of the technical skill here.
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2010-08-08 07:14 pm

Fanvid: Fun Lovin' Criminal Minds

My second Criminal Minds fanvid - constructed reality or whatever you call this kind of thing, in which Our Team is "running around robbing banks all whacked up on scooby snacks". (In other words, for those of my friends who don't watch Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds is nothing like this fanvid.)

Thus no spoilers really. Trigger warnings: (skip) Glorification of bankrobbing and violence; specifically lots of guns being waved around and shots fired.

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows::

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2010-06-01 06:56 pm

Fanvid: No Escape

For the entertainment of those who enjoy such things, herewith is my first Criminal Minds fanvid, about Gideon's relationship with Sarah Jacobs.

Gideon-related spoilers up to season 3 episode 1. Trigger warnings: (skip) Also warnings for violent imagery and implication of suicide.

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows:

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1990-01-01 12:00 am
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Fanvid master post

So that when my vid-hosting goes down I can change links in a single place instead of editing all the blog entries.

Covert Affairs

Criminal Minds

Doctor Who

White Collar