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I couldn't quite pull it off this time (well, I was still hopeful but the nurse got dubious so I deferred to her judgement) so she got out the AC-powered rotary cutter thing. I was all "I totally trust that you're not going to slip and cut my foot off but how about I don't actually watch" but she did in fact not slip and cut my foot off. Also she then brought me some flannels to wash the poor neglected thing with, though really it needs a good scrub.

Then another round of x-rays, and then a chat with the doctor (waiting room in between each of these, and for long enough that I got through an old issue of Future Fire - the first two stories of which I particularly enjoyed - on my pretty Kobo Mini in its pretty new case) and the bones were healed enough that I got to put my other shoe on (with some difficulty due to stiffness) and go home.

This was actually the first time I'd seen the x-rays myself. Basically there'd been a chip off the knobbly bit at the end of each of two bones in the big toe. You can still see the line between chip and bone now, but it's fuzzier as things mend. There was a chart on the wall in the waiting room which made the bone-healing process clearer but I was too far away to read the terms for the different parts of the bone.

Anyway my toes remain undesirous of bearing any weight so I'm still using crutches for any distance and one, or at least my cane, around the house. But despite this I'm feeling instantly much more mobile. This is because within a room I can just move around, so dishes and cooking is frictionless, and between rooms I have at least one hand free, so I actually got to carry my dinner to the couch on a plate tonight instead of in an old and increasingly fragile takeaway container in a bag hung around my neck.

I did spend the rest of the day on my couch as per usual, getting through only a modicum of work-from-home due to a fit of feeling grotty. This was not unexpected. I don't understand the mechanism by which removing a cast releases grottiness into one's system, but it is clearly a thing so I was prepared for it.

Back to work tomorrow. My requirement for sleep has reduced from 11 to 9 hours/night but today may be an exception, see above, so probably about time now to head off for that.
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11 hours sleep a day seems a good average at the moment.

Last Tues pushed myself a bit much and stared getting rsi symptoms. Woe ensued, and ordering geoceries online which was nice, then a colleague brought in foam to pad my crutch handles and instant relief.

I then spent time investigating ereaders. My old brand is no longer made so settled on Kobo Mini. But then it emerged after emails to customer service that's out of stock too. Luckily another colleague found one on TradeMe and I even won the auction.

Oh also I went to the doctor and got ears syringed so can hear again properly. You are spared more detail by my ereader having a browser like a singing pig and this being my experimental first post from it.
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This morning Boots was still eating very little but was a lot perkier about it: wandering around a little and sitting, rather than staying it one spot with her chin to the ground for hours on end. On the strength of that I decided not to take her to the vet, though I did stay home watching her rather than go anywhere.

This afternoon/evening she perked up even more and ate a bunch more super-nommy glop and even a little bit of kibble. (At one point she even asked for kibble; she just got tired of it quickly and decided she'd rather have some more super-nommy glop instead.) When a chunk of lamb mince fell off my plate she practically pounced on it and fought a valiant fight against the fact that it was still very hot from being cooked; that now vanquished, she's sitting watching me eat the rest, very attentively.

Have made power-off images for my Pocketbook and read an old F&SF epub I'd had sitting around.

Chores today included: washing laundry, washing cat carrier, and emptying chemloo. All water sourced from the drippings of my leaky tap (which also provides water for my kettle and washing dishes). I really will get onto a plumber soon, but in the meantime it relieves my guilt a bit that I'm getting increasingly efficient at using the waste.

Attempted to book online for someone to come mow my lawns, but the company's upgraded the website and now it doesn't work in Firefox or Safari on Mac.

What else was today? Ah, yes, Doctor Who. You know, while under urgency due to the earthquake, our government passed a copyright amendment that provides for your internet to be cut off if three accusations of downloading infringing material from a file sharing site are sustained against you. (You see how vital this legislation is to Christchurch's recovery, of course.) The bill as passed plugs a few outrageous holes pointed out in the #blackout campaign a year or two ago that kept it from being passed back then, but keeps this same outrageous premise. So there's not much I can say about Doctor Who. At least not in public.

In general, feeling much less stressed with Boots improving. If I keep sleeping 10-12 hours a night I might be able to cope with going back to work next week...
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It's terribly thematic for Boots to get desperately sick in time for Good Friday, but once (2009, ate the netting from a roast) was quite enough. This time it seems to be some kind of infection maybe? Ridiculous fever anyway, and lethargic and severely off her food. The vet this morning plied her with injections and pills and super-nommy tinned glop, and Boots did have some of that at least, but remains lethargic and is currently hiding under the couch (whether photosensitive or just sick of me trying to get her to eat more). If she doesn't miraculously recover overnight I'll have to take her to the afterhours clinic tomorrow.

On the upside of today, while she was under the house sulking from too many injections and pills I got a tweet from [personal profile] keieeeye that a box had arrived for me, so I hopped on a bus waited 50 minutes for a bus (for a route where they should come every 10 minutes, seriously, wtf? some of the roads are appalling, but I've never before seen the buses running more than two iterations late) -- anyway, I went around and retrieved the box.

Inside the box was some paper padding and another box, and inside that was another box, and inside that was some cardboard padding and a bubblewrap package, and inside that was a thin-foam-stuff package, and inside that was my PocketBook 360.

Then I walked home playing with it, rather than sit at the busstop waiting 30+ minutes. (I cunningly went first to the busstop with the realtime estimate doodacky, which they've managed to get working again recently.) I was nearly home when the bus went past, and had managed to visit a couple of shops on the way too. (Though one was just poking my head in the door and seeing that they didn't have what I wanted.)

I like my PocketBook 360. I like that I can poke around their websites/forums and discover that someone's coded a Tetris for it, which I can then download and install. --For the record, an e-ink based ereader is not the best format for a Tetris. Sudoku works though. Also, um, that reading function, that works too. :-) Plus and also, it's really pretty.

--That aside, though, running low on cope at the moment so may be only spottily communicado for a bit.
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The boil water notice has been lifted for Christchurch. It's so nice to be realllllly sleepy and wander into the bathroom and think "I should brush my teeth" and then just turn on the tap and brush your teeth and not get gastro.

Or at least I assume I didn't get gastro. If I do, the Christchurch District Health Board will have some 'splaining to do.

Random things: I changed my view of the Dreamwidth interface from Tropo-thingy Red to Tropo-thingy Purple. It's weird but a very awesome colour. Celerity's cute too but maybe too much of a change for me.
--On Dreamwidth: I like Dreamwidth a whole lot and believe in its goals and ethics and business model, but I don't think it's the One True Way. One of the things I like about it is that the people running it say it's not the One True Way and are supportive of the existence of other ways, including LiveJournal, both in what they say (currently they're suggesting people not import LJ content to DW while LJ deals with the DDOS attack) and in how they design (in maintaining/increasing interoperability). They do take opportunities sometimes when issues arise elsewhere to promote their points of difference in terms of design and ethics, and I think it's valid to see that as smug or opportunitistic though obviously this is not how I see it myself -- I see it as being justly proud of what they've created and as letting people who've been hurt by something know that there's another option out there iff they're interested. But anyway I think there's plenty of room for alternative interpretations and especially alternative choices: a healthy ecosystem is a diverse ecosystem.

My ereader has shipped, woot! I feel like phoning up my parents and saying "Is it here yet? How about now?" Also this morning I got an email from a friend asking for advice on what ereader to get her father-in-law. Guess what thread I pointed her too?

The last couple of days I've felt a bit more stable. I don't think it's coincidence that this kicked in approximately the same minute that my leave request was approved. I really must make it a this year's New Year's Resolution that I'll take leave before I need it, and also try to line up the next bunch of leave shortly after coming back from the previous bunch so I've got it to look forward to when stressed. (Last year's New Year's Resolution was: When sick, take one more day than I think I need. I'm very grateful that I have sufficient sick leave available, and have been sufficiently healthy over all, that this has been possible, because it's stood me in very good stead.)

That said, I do have a touch of indefinable blahs today. Doesn't help that I need to go shopping for socks and warm slippers and also for groceries. --Oh wait, if I go there I can in fact get both from the same mall. Cool. But I am looking forward to my local mall opening again. About four weeks ago they said the supermarket'd open in four weeks. A few days ago (when I emailed them to say ~"Lighting your fluorescent sign while you're closed wastes electricity and is false advertising and means when you do open no-one will know the difference") they told me it'll open in five weeks. At this rate, by Christmas it'll be opening as early as 2013.

(They also said that it doesn't waste that much electricity: "around $280 per month, cheaper than most house holds." I think they overestimate the average household a bit, though it's hard for me to judge as my circumstances mean I'm definitely much under average. Also they seem to have completely missed the remainder of my argument, saying that "we will need the sign on to let customers know we are re-opening" which makes no sense. If you have the sign on when you're open and when you're closed, the only thing it tells customers is "We may be open, or we may be closed, who knows?")

Blah. Don't want to go shopping. I hate shopping.

I need a massage. Conveniently I have a voucher for a massage. Inconveniently voicemail informs me they're currently unoperational - I'm not in the least surprised, given their location (Pilgrim Place - near the CBD - and concrete slab) but oh yeah, I lack all resilience to disappointment. On the plus side they should be back up and running mid-May, which is a month and a half before my voucher expires and no doubt I'll still need a massage; plus there's a place I've visited before which I know is up and running so I just need to get a few seconds of energy and go for the phone again. --Ooh, even better, webform!

...I know what else the problem includes: I've turned exothermic. The last couple of sunny days have been great, but now cloudiness returns. I really must call someone to come look at my gasfire, and hope they can get here before Easter.

I vote spaghetti on toast for lunch. I distinctly recall there being some bread left in my freezer.

ETA: Dinosaur Comics vastly improves weepytimes.
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Every ereader has its advantages and disadvantages. For a while there I got locked in a loop of:
  • The PocketBook 360 is cheap and exactly what I require but doesn't do DRM or note-taking(*);
  • Sony whatsit-650 does DRM and note-taking but is less cheap and doesn't have the native format/unicode flexibility I want;
  • Nook and Kobo are cheap and do DRM but ditto on format/unicode;
  • PocketBook Pro 602 gets me my format/unicode back and has DRM and l33t internet access (so rudimentary notetaking might be kludgeable) but is less cheap and doesn't appear to have the neat 360 features that'd be good for my RSI;
  • The iTouch has so many bells and whistles the noise makes my head hurt just thinking of them - great for people who need them but right now I need to avoid them.
(*) Highlighting and/or excerpting sections does not constitute "taking notes" and I'm mildly grumpy at the plethora of ereaders which advertise it as such.

Pondering more, I ruled out the Nook and Kobo because, a little like the Kindle albeit not as severely, they're still attempting to tie you to a single ebookstore. (iTouch has the same issues.) Even if one can very easily get around this I want something that feels more source-neutral.

And while I shouldn't have to pay extra for proper Unicode support (how hard can it possibly be?!) I'm willing to; coming to that realisation I ruled out the Sony too.

Choosing between the PocketBooks, it was basically cost+lookfeel+physical flexibility vs native DRM-coping. And on further ponderation, I decided I don't at all mind having a further incentive to preferring/supporting DRM-free material; and if I do come across something DRMed that I not only must have but must read on my ereader, then I have the technology (and I now believe it's legal in New Zealand) to remove it on the grounds of section 226E(1) of the Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act and on the grounds that reading a book you own is a permitted act which, if not explicitly mentioned in Part 3 of the Copyright Act, is kind of assumed by the things it does explicitly mention. Restrictive licenses are a separate issue from copyright law but I'll read the small print when I come to it.

I don't think I've only come to this conclusion because I fell in love with the Pocketbook 360 as soon as I saw an image of it -- but it probably helps. :-)

(Ivory. Best image is at the bottom of the page.)
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At the moment, I can't deal well with unsolicited advice however kindly meant (and I know it's meant kindly). I think it infringes on my desperate attempts to pretend I remain competent and independent and in control. I'm proud of my ability to adapt and survive: it's one of the few things an earthquake can't take away.

Plus, I've spent six weeks reading official advice about both the practical things and the emotional things - no, make that six months - and working out how this applies to myself (and I know myself pretty well) so it's fairly unlikely that someone outside what's going on will be able to offer any good and appropriate advice that I don't already know.

And I find it hard at the best of times and particularly stressful at present to have to find ways to say "Yes, already doing that, thanks," or "No, that'd be utterly useless for me," without sounding terse and ungrateful and otherwise disappointing people who only wanted to help. I don't want anyone to think I don't appreciate the motivating sentiment, because I do, I just can't cope with the external manifestation of it.

Also at the moment I am, quite frankly, in a state of controlled falling apart. (A lot of people are really struggling right now, six weeks on. My own recent symptoms - other than weepiness brought on by going to work, choir, the bus, or the shops, or by thinking about any of these, or by thinking about almost anything at all really - include leaving my bag with wallet, cellphone and (expired) passport on a bus last night (tracked it down late this morning, Deo gratias, just before admitting defeating and reporting it lost to all and sundry; relief is a powerful drug) and using the wrong toilet this morning (oh well, I'll "let it mellow" and get some more uses out of my mistake).

I don't need advice or help or even sympathy; I just need a really good rest, which I'm communicating with my manager at work about arranging so that's all under control.

However. I do need advice on one thing, which is: Which e-reader should I buy?

I'm not fussy about features.
  • I basically want to read books on it, synced from my (Mac) laptop.
  • I rarely if ever read anything that requires colour.
  • It must have native ePub capability (I'm not buying a Kindle); ideally I'd like it to support a range of basic formats like pdf, txt, rtf, html, but can survive if some of these have inexplicably not been implemented.
  • I like the idea of e-ink but am comfortable with LCD screens too.
  • Storage space and battery life are important though not to the exclusion of other considerations (including price).
  • Something RSI-friendly would be nice - lightweight, comfortable, with left-hand/right-hand redundancy
I think I'm probably looking at a Nook or a Kobo and of the two I think I like the Nook better, but this is based entirely on looking at websites and feature comparison charts. All the charts say you should try them out yourself, but last time I saw anything one could try out was in a bookstore just before Christmas, and as near as I could tell approximately a gazillion other customers had already tested them and broken them. As for now... half the bookstores in town are destroyed or inaccessible and the other half are on the verge of bankruptcy (okay, I admit it, I can name two exceptions, but neither has e-readers) and I'm tired of travelling around anyway.

Bonus features I'd like but aren't necessary since I don't know if they really exist:
  • Full Unicode support (including Māori macrons). You wouldn't think this would be so hard, and yet... Seriously, let me know if you know of anyone doing this.
  • Note-taking functionality - but not if to get that I have to also get a thousand other features and pay through the nose for the combo. An iPad, for example, would be ridiculously overpowered for my purposes.
Experiences, (dis)recommendations?


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