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I don't like unsaying yes. It makes me annoyed at the vendors-of-awesome-thus-expensive-products who think it's a good idea to phone up a rank-and-file librarian while she's got her head in the land of "How many books can I throw out from *this* shelf?" and offer/ask to visit when they're in town next Wednesday -- rather than someone at her organisation whose responsibility this stuff is -- merely on the grounds that she oohed and aahed over your product at conference.

It's an awesome product, of course I oohed and aahed. And I'm a librarian, so of course I said "Uh, Wednesday? I don't seem to have anything on then.... You *do* know we're not actually in the market right now plus I'm just a lowly peon, right? You do? Um, okay...."

And then hung up the phone and started thinking, in that way that ideas grow on you, that actually this makes no sense and moreover is likely to be, well, politically incorrect.

So I've just had to send off a "Terribly sorry, but uh, how about I give your email address to the appropriate peoples instead" email, so now I feel rude and out-of-sorts.

Budding librarians! This should in no way discourage you from attending conferences and oohing and aahing over awesome-thus-expensive technologies! Just maybe prepare a few "Let me pass that on to the person who'd be miffed if I took you up on it," lines first in order to avoid awkward moments.

Also, while learning valuable life lessons is all very exciting, I personally find it more pleasant to learn other people's valuable life lessons, so please feel free to share in the comments.

I'm now going to go and be vicariously vicious to some of my characters.


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