between the sunlight and the air

Jul. 26th, 2017 10:09 pm
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Because yesterday and last night were unseasonably cold but the air was warmer this morning, there was mist everywhere when I went out.

Everywhere was gauzy.

misty trees

sun through mist

Up the street, down the street--ethereal

looking up the road

looking down the road

It seems that otherworldly dancers passed through, too, leaving behind their handkerchiefs, as they often do, on lawns, beside paths, and in the woods:

fairy handkerchiefs

fairy handkerchief fairy handkerchiefs

Georgia O'Keeffe at the AGO

Jul. 26th, 2017 09:15 pm
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Not a day off- had to go in for an hour this morning which but-of-course screwed up my sleeping. But after that I took myself down to the Art Gallery and caught the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit after buying myself a membership which will pay for itself in four visits.

It was a tad too crowded for comfortable viewing: nothing like the terracotta warriors, but those guys were up on plinths and nobody much was trying to read the plaques on the other stuff. This crowd was elderly with canes and wheelchairs, or middle-aged with avoirdupois, so I didn't get to see as much information as I might. Not that it matters. I like houses in my art and when O'Keeffe did those they were very nearly abstract, like that famous patio door which in the paintings hangs above the ground like a black window to nowhere.

So I'm left with flowers that look sexual to me if not to her, and landscapes that relate to nothing I know. Except that her hills look like meat, or liver, or like that dead thing in Dali's Persistence of Memory. Intriguing but disquieting.
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...but The Force Awakens was amazing.

Now I want to rewatch the original trilogy.

(I am so screwed.)

Wednesday Reading

Jul. 26th, 2017 09:58 pm
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After I finished re-reading The Story of the Stone by Hughart, I continued on with Eight Skilled Gentlemen (also a re-read). Both books are considerably weaker than Bridge of Birds, but they're both still amusing and full of interesting little details.

Most of the other things I've read this week have been online articles that are research for the same project that got me re-reading Master Li and Number Ten Ox.

After several days of that (and writing, and work being chaotic and stressful), I wanted something pleasant and easy. So I spent some time on Big South American River, looking up favorite children's authors. I discovered that not only has someone put a number of my favorite Sally Watson historicals into e-books, they also included Poor Felicity (although the author herself seems to have re-named it The Delicate Pioneer, which strikes me as a really "dead" title). I first read this at a Girl Scout summer camp, where I was a pudgy bespectacled weirdo bookworm who hated sports but was totally unafraid of snakes and bugs, and I haven't seen it since.

Felicity Dare is a sickly, rather spoiled 19th-century Southern (U.S.) girl whose parents lose all their money in bad investments and decide to go out west to settle in Oregon/Washington territory. Both parents die along the way, leaving orphaned Felicity to her good-natured but hapless uncle. They end up in what eventually becomes Seattle, where Felicity gradually becomes healthier because of being out in nature (shades of The Secret Garden!), makes friends with kids who would definitely have been considered below her social class back East (include some Native Americans), and learns to forage, cook, and shoot a rifle. There's also an ongoing feud with a rough-hewn boy who despises her for most of the book. In the end, when her snooty cousins show up at last (they went by ship instead of overland), she has to confront their faulty assumptions and her own grudges.

It's fun, slight but with lots of interesting details, and an easy, fast read (aimed at about 10-13 year-old readers).

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Title: Subtraction
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: Teen
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Joss Carter/Zoe Morgan/Sameen Shaw
Warnings/Content: Canon character death, mourning, threesome
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: Vengeance might feel good but it doesn't make things right.

Also at the Archive

Subtraction )

Title: Recovery
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: Teen
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Root/Shaw
Warnings/Content: Sickfic, Root lives, post-series
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: Shaw says she has no bedside manner, even though she hasn't left Root's side since the shooting.

Also at the Archive

Recovery )

Title: Favours
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: Teen
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: John Reese/Kara Stanton
Warnings/Content: Pre-series, canon-level violence,
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: Kara loves to show John just how much she cares.

Also at the Archive

Favours )

Wed Reading Meme

Jul. 26th, 2017 09:12 pm
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1. What I just finished reading...

Lord of the Fading Lands by CL Wilson -- this is an "epic romantic fantasy series" that sort of clobbers you with fairy tale and romance novel cliches. And spends fare too much time on setting things up, and not enough on character. Also it's extremely repetitious. By the halfway mark, I was slugging my way through it. Do not recommend.

Not sure I'll bother reading the sequel, even though I do own it. Unfortunately, I bought it before I realized I didn't like the writer's style.

Eh, for a more in depth review, here's what I wrote on Good Reads:

Read more... )

2. What I'm reading now?

Americanah by by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - which is about two Nigerian former lovers. One, female, Ifelemu, who moves to America for two years, and then decides to return to Nigeria. The other , male, Obinz, who went to seek his forturn in Great Britain, and has returned to Nigeria, gotten married and has a daughter.

I'm currently in the section in which each is relating their past or what came before. How they lived in Nigeria, going to University there and school, and their families. Obinze's mother is a University Professor. And Ifelemu's mother is an administrator, while her father had a government job before he was summarily fired, for not calling his boss, Mummy.

The woman are exceedingly strong in this book. More so than the men. Which is interesting.

It's not a romance (Obinze is unhappily married), more a literary coming of age tale about what it is like being Nigerian in this world.

The British, Americans and the Northern Europeans, basically the entitled white people who attempted to colonize and raid Africa, do not come across well. I hate to say this but if you go around colonizing other countries, thrusting your imperialistic might, and enslaving or undermining their are bound to be portrayed by the inhabitants of those countries as irredeemable entitled assholes many years later. *cough*Karma*cough*

It's a fascinating novel, but somewhat depressing. So not sure how long I'll be able to stick with it. It's over 600 pages. And small type in a paperback. My aging eyes prefer ebooks, where I can increase the print size. Otherwise I have to wear reading glasses over the contacts. Like I'm doing now as I'm typing this.

Compelling yes. Uplifting and funny, no.

I don't know why literary novels, for the most part, are so depressing. There are a few funny ones here and there. But most are these poetic dirges of middle-class malaise. Either bad marriages, unsatisfying romances gone sour, bad friendships, dysfunctional families, etc.

Almost as if the only way you can be considered worthy by the esteemed academic literary canon is if you are depressing. (Well as long as you do it poetically at any rate.) I actually saw people condemn a novel for having a happy ending. As if a prerequisite for quality is well not ending happily.

I have no interest in writing depressing novels. It's not that I can't do so...I can. But seriously, why? Life is hard enough at it is.

Hmmm...on a poetic front, are there any witty poets wandering about?

Looking for a book

Jul. 26th, 2017 06:19 pm
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Looking for a book that would have been published by 1957.

Involves a boy who goes through a small door in a wall in the back of a garden. He time-travelled back to the 19th century, and became somehow caught up in a conflict between two wizard or magicians or sorcerers, one good & one evil. That's what we got - help me Obi Wan.
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toys artist bread Cats - 2862341

Rato Kim is a toy artist from Seoul, South Korea who makes mainly cat themed toys. One of his latest creations is this BreadCat toy. He planned this item for a long time and was inspired by the image of cats sitting with their paws hidden so he created a cute toy of that shape. Rato Kim said: 'The most difficult thing ctreating this Breadcat was to decide what facial expression they'll have. Cats have various expressions so I chose to show few of them on Breadcats and not to go with only one face".

Submitted by:

Tagged: toys , artist , bread , Cats

CSS Hack

Jul. 26th, 2017 08:01 pm
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I wanted to change all my ljuser icons to Warcraft 3 icons.

This hack helps in changing ljuser icons. It's impossible to find without some serious Googling.

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What Am I Reading Wednesday - July 26

Jul. 26th, 2017 08:55 pm
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What I Just Finished Reading

The Book of Three – Lloyd Alexander
It's been almost 30 years since I first read this and it's only got better with age as I notice things I did not pick up on then. Alexander is one of the best, and everyone should read the Prydain Chronicles.

Preacher – All Hell's A-Coming – Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon
This volume also entertains, after nearly 20 years. That said, Preacher's is an at times uncomfortable brand of humor—you laugh at Ennis' panache while feeling guilty that you're laughing in the first place, and I lose some steam on the final issue, because I don't find anything objectionable about eating horsemeat.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet – Charlie Holmberg
I hate to say it, but this book failed to live up to its potential. Characters and plot elements I thought were going to be expanded in delicious ways went in entirely different directions (or no direction at all) and while the plot is ambitious the book meanders for far too long before it even hints at what that plot is, so readers are likely to begin drawing their own conclusions and not end up with anything like the book they thought they were reading. That said, it's by no means a bad book, and compared to many current fantasy offerings it does not stick to established tropes.

What I Am Currently Reading

The Infidel Stain – MJ Carter
Still truckin'.

China – Kathy Flower

Clariel – Garth Nix
In this week's chapters, we have intimations that all was not right in the past, and continues to go poorly in the present. Clariel is beginning to cotton on to the fact that all is not as it seems in the capital.

Uprooted – Naomi Novik
I'm beginning to remember why I burned out a bit during the arc set in the capital city. It's very well written, but such an abrupt change from the preceeding narrative that it disrupts the meditative flow of the read.

What I'm Reading Next
Black and DiTerlizzi's Lucinda's Secret, Alexander's The Black Cauldron, and either Turner's A Conspiracy of Kings or Gaiman's Norse Gods.


The Hamburg Score.

Jul. 27th, 2017 12:44 am
[syndicated profile] languagehat_feed

Posted by languagehat

The mail brought an Amazon package containing an item I only recently added to my wishlist (because it’s only just been published), Shushan Avagyan’s translation of Viktor Shklovsky’s Гамбургский счет, The Hamburg Score (with a very touching note from the generous reader who ordered it for me — thanks from the bottom of my heart, Clay). I have been unreasonably fond of Shklovsky’s writing ever since I read A Sentimental Journey, his memoir of “the travels of a bewildered intellectual through Russia, Persia, the Ukraine, and the Caucasus during the period of the Russian Revolution,” to quote the Dalkey Archive description (Dalkey Archive Press has been issuing all of Shklovsky’s work as fast as they can get it translated, just one of the outstanding services they provide the world of literature — go buy books from them!). I don’t know what it is; those quirky sentences arranged into tiny paragraphs that constantly leap in unexpected directions are like catnip to me. I don’t even care if he’s right or wrong (and I’m quite sure he’s wrong about Velimir Khlebnikov being “the champion” of early-20th-century Russian literature — the Formalist critics had a passion for the Futurist poets in general and Khlebnikov in particular that mystifies me), I could listen to him deliver obiter dicta and crack obscure jokes for hours.

I haven’t had time to do more than glance at this beautiful, compact paperback yet (work! work!), but I’ve already learned something. I ran across the expression «гамбургский счёт» [Hamburg calculation/reckoning/score] years ago, learned that it meant ‘objective measurement of who’s better than who,’ and assumed it had been around since, say, the early 19th century (when Russians habitually went to Germany for education and culture). But it turns out Shklovsky was the one who publicized it, after hearing an anecdote at the Herzen House restaurant in Moscow (and got in trouble for it after World War II, when he was accused of unpatriotic leanings for favoring a German city); his preface to this book begins:

The Hamburg score is a very important concept.

All wrestlers cheat in matches and fall on their shoulder blades at the behest of the entrepreneurs.

But once a year wrestlers gather at a pub in Hamburg.

They wrestle behind closed doors and curtained windows.

It is a long, hard, and ugly fight. But this is the only way to determine their true worth — to prevent them from getting corrupted.

We need a Hamburg score in literature.

As I say, he calls Khlebnikov the champion, but I say Shklovsky is the champion of Formalist critics and Dalkey Archive Press is the champion of literary publishers.

An auspicious start to any post:

Jul. 26th, 2017 08:34 pm
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So, I was having a minor crisis on Twitter, re: Dreamwidth and the soul-crushing inadequacy I feel every Reading Wednesday because I am not reading ... well, novels anyway. I used to be a hopelessly devoted reader, but sadly college cured me of the habit. My local library, alas, is also not that great when it comes to books -- I sigh daily for the great and beautiful Minneapolis Central Library! Even thought that ledge was extremely dangerous, re: falling icicles.

ANYWAY, I WENT OUT AND BOUGHT TWO (2) used books -- The Complete Short Stories of Flannery O'Conner and Jane Fairfax by Joan Aiken. Usually I've got no time for published Jane Austen fanfiction, but it is Joan Aiken, so we'll see.

This afternoon I got two very nice comments on some old, old Stucky fic (like, written before Winter Soldier came out Stucky fics) and I got to wondering how I'd tackle this pairing now, in the year of our Lord 2017, and if it'd be different than how I did it it back in 2011/2012. They say every cell of our body changes in seven years...

I might just try it out to get out of my sports anime rut. I think the Cap side of the MCU is the only part I'm actually caught up on. I don't really follow anything else, although I'm looking forward to Black Panther and also RIDICULOUS BEARD STEVE AHAHA (CEvans finally did it! He finally got to wear a beard to work!)

Also d'you think I'd be able to watch Thor 3 if I skipped Thor 2?
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Title: Aftershock
Fandom: Agents of SHIELD
Rating: G
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Leo Fitz/Framework!Grant
Warnings/Content: Angst, drinking, forgiveness
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: Fitz can't leave Grant standing on the doorstep in the rain. (Set post S4 finale, but before that future scene in the diner.)

Also at the Archive

Aftershock )

Title: Date Night
Fandom: Captain America
Rating: G
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson
Warnings/Content: Flirting, Sam showing off, Steve's notebook of modern facts
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: Sam knows he's being ogled.

Also at the Archive

Date Night )

Title: Air Show
Fandom: MCU
Rating: Teen
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Bucky/Sam/Natasha
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: After they've found Bucky, they need some time to hide out and recover. (Set after Winter Soldier, on the road trip that should have been.)

Also at the Archive

Air Show )


Jul. 26th, 2017 10:31 pm
[syndicated profile] dailykitten_feed

Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please join me in meeting and greeting our newest Star Kit, Sookie. She is 4 weeks old from Louisiana.


Hey y’all. Just got Sookie from our local non kill shelter. She stole my heart at first glance! She is so sweet and a purring machine!! She loves her pink blanket and takes biscuits and tries to nurse on it. She’s a beautiful ball of fur and I can’t wait to make many memories with her.


Jul. 26th, 2017 05:07 pm
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Guess what? They did it! This time my second dose of Spinraza is swirling around in my spinal column. It was still pretty difficult this time although they did make some adjustments. I got a CT scan in addition to fluoroscope. I guess the CT gave them a little more information. Apparently I have a lot of bone in the way of some natural access points. The one place they’ve managed to be successful is a fairly small hole and they’ve got to approach it at just the right angle. They worked on me for about an hour. Having gone through this the day before, Tuesday’s hour was about my limit.

Another adjustment they made, was not putting me on the table until the doctors were ready to proceed. I still had to wait while they checked my spine out with the fluoroscope, but at least all the time I was on the table they were working towards the injection. I’m going to have a long conversation with the doctors in the near future. There must be some way they can make this process easier. I’m not so worried about getting my “loading” doses but I am concerned about the continuing process of getting these shots. I have a third dose in two weeks and then a fourth dose a month after that. Then I need to get a dose every four months for the rest of my life. I guess I will deal if I have to but it’s a discouraging prospect.

I’m going to try to respond to everyone individually, but if I don’t get to you, please know that all of your support with the support of my family makes it possible for me to go through this. I think I’ve noticed some improvements in my physical status, but I hesitate to talk about it much this early in the process. I will keep people informed.

Wind, Rain, Fire, Rabbits

Jul. 26th, 2017 04:35 pm
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We had another band of thunderstorms roll through today. It did not rain that much and did not reduce the temperatures a great deal, but it did apparently start a fire north of here.

Fire to the North )

As I started to compose this message, I thought I'd get an updated picture of the fire and got a small surprise when I went out onto the porch.

Hello, Bunny )

After all of the wildfires that we've had around here, it's almost hard to believe there was much more left the burn, but there's clearly a lot more dry brush out there, even with hailstorms and thundershowers flattening things.


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