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It is interesting to compare (on a purely hypothetical note) the experiences, watching a DVD, of two classes of people:

a) the law-abiding folk, who are forced to endure "DVD piracy aids terrorists and makes the Baby Jesus cry" segments before they can get to the main feature; and

b) the pirates, who get to skip the punishment by using evil evil terrorist-aiding technology.

(This technology is also useful in allowing one to watch a region 1 DVD borrowed from the library when one's DVD player is locked to region 4 and one's laptop is locked to region 2; and it would also be useful in the exercise of one's fair use rights; but using the technology in these ways may still be illegal in one's jurisdiction even when the Copyright (New Technologies) Act comes into force, because while TPTB want to bring the law into line with modern technologies, they don't mean *really* modern technologies like video.)

While I'm here, random movie reviews:
  • Tristram Shandy: Different from what I'd first hoped, much better than what I next feared, and has actually made me want to read the book which I put down after a few pages some years ago. I admit I got briefly distracted by a) that guy from Black Books and b) that woman who... argh, I've seen her before... she did that husky whisper thing then too... I know it, I know it... oh! the BBC modernisation of Taming of the Shrew. (Which, incidentally, was brilliant and I think I've seen actual legal versions of it on sale somewhere, must remember to investigate.)
  • The best version of Robin Hood ever is "Men in Tights". At least the second half of it; I failed to record the first half (time-shifting is legal even if format-shifting isn't) but ISTR from my childhood that the first half was more or less of the same cracktastic quality.
  • The Other Boleyn Girl (2003): When casting for Anne Boleyn, consider hiring someone with more charisma than a goldfish. I quite liked the dialogue, though.
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