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The local library being closed ("repairs required plus some issues with the neighbouring mall") I got around to grabbing some to-be-bookcrossed books from the mess on my living room floor and bookcrossed them to the busstop opposite said mall (with a sign to say "take/enjoy/pass on" and a note about which real libraries are open).

As I was putting the books in the bag, though, I noticed that one of them was "Under the Mountain" by Maurice Gee. "Under the Mountain" is a New Zealand classic and has been filmed a time or two, so you might wonder what could possibly be objectionable about it. Well, let me tell you, behind a spoiler tag: (skip) On the last page, after the kids have defeated the Threat To The World, it emerges that because the boy slacked off a bit in his world-saving efforts, things exploded and now they have to walk back to an Auckland suffering from the aftereffects of major volcanic eruption.

...I mean, this is a bit of an inexplicable downer at the best of times, which I only keep forgetting because it feels so pasted on, but right now I'm not inflicting that on unknown kids without warning, so the book's still sitting on my bedroom floor while the rest of the books are sitting at the busstop (or hopefully by now in a bunch of people's hands). If anyone wants to read it anyway, let me know and we can arrange something.

To balance this terrible display of censorship on my part, a fellow bookcrosser noticed my releases and has offered a box of spare books she's got, for continuing restocking efforts; I should be able to pick these up on Monday or so, and then I'll just put out a little bunch at a time. So that's very awesome.

I think there's also some more books on my living room floor that I wanted to bookcross, so that's more incentive to finish tidying them up. The big question of course remains: To put them back on the shelves or not to put them back on the shelves?
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