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Many to most tv shows and movies are about men doing stuff and women looking pretty. Fanvids tend to reverse that. Which wouldn't be any more healthy if it existed in isolation, but as a reaction to mainstream culture it makes a pretty sweet change.

Men looking pretty
DreamyViper's Raining Men (YouTube) is so well-known it's gone mainstream. I think my boss saw it even before I did. Men in period costume getting "a little damp".

I Want Candy by [community profile] vagabondage and [personal profile] laurashapiro is more modern and less costume. So to speak. There's still a certain amount of water. (For me the last clip was a bit of a weak note to end on, but probably just because he's not from one of my own fandoms.)

And then On the Prowl by [livejournal.com profile] sisabet and [personal profile] sweetestdrain is very good but I give serious warnings for violence; in one place, even one of the vidders had to look away from editing it... It explores the line from candy to kink and hurt/comfort to beyond. It's been compared to Women's Work which I think is valid in a compare-and-contrast kind of way, because whatever similarities there are in content still become differences in context.

Women doing stuff
The classic vid may be [personal profile] damned_colonial's A Vindication of the Rights of Women, in which period women don't give a damn 'bout their bad reputation, thus providing a nice counterpart to Raining Men.

[livejournal.com profile] arefadedaway's One Girl Revolution is similar though covers past, present and future alike and focuses a bit less on the fun and a bit more on the awesomeness.

I would love to show [livejournal.com profile] danegen's Around the Bend, in which women drive cars and motorbikes and planes and spaceships, to the person who put together the Warehouse catalogue where car seat covers, car washing sets, and an iPod-compatible car stereo system are labelled as "Gifts for him".

And [livejournal.com profile] absolutedestiny's I Enjoy Being a Girl, in which women enjoy kicking ass, brings a much-needed dose of girl power to terribly girly lyrics. Irony redeems all! -- even "my ivory shoulder" -- and the musical interludes (especially the cymbals!) are absolutely glorious. <watches it again> Did I say absolutely glorious? I meant OMG the editing OMG!

See also: a bunch of links to feminist vids.


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