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I have this cunning plan that if I go to bed when it gets dark (currently around 9pm; my cunning plan is not suited for winter time) and then get up early (I think it's getting dawnlike not much after 5am and I don't need much light to shower) then I never have to turn on the lights and I can save about 20cents worth of electricity or something. The main problem with this is that I'm constitutionally uninclined to go to bed much before 11pm, so two weeks of attempting to implement my cunning plan has met with limited success.

Last night however I didn't go to bed very late, so this morning I got up at 6am instead of 6:45 and:
  • washed my hair
  • hung out the laundry
  • made breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • caught up with DW/LJ/other RSS feeds
  • fought crime
  • and left at 7:39 for my bus to work.
On the downside, my laundry seems to be summoning some serious rainclouds.


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