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Huia Publishers are having a warehouse-clearing sale at the moment. Including a pile of NZ$1 books. (For comparison, the library's weeding sale of last weekend charges $3 for most books.) Postage is additional, but when I bought 7 books the domestic postage got calculated at $8.50.

So I got:
  • a YA fantasy by a Māori author I've been meaning to get hold of;
  • two scifi books by a Samoan/Celtic/Anglosaxon New Zealander someone recommended when I was hunting for Māori sf;
  • a kid's/YA fantasy by a Fijian/Tongan New Zealander that I hadn't heard of;
  • two books on indigenous sexuality/erotica;
  • one book as a gift.
From the library's weeding sale last week I also got four books, including the other YA fantasy by a Māori author I'd been meaning to get hold of.

I've been working on a bibliography. It's... quite small at the moment. I know of one other short story but can't find the title; an email to the publisher got no response so I'll have to track down the editor or the author or maybe by the time I fail at all those the library will have the anthology. I need to work my way through a pile of other anthologies and ultimately literary journals, though that will be dull and increasingly needle-in-a-haystack work.

I've been thinking of working it up to a proper paper for a proper journal. If I called it "Māori and Pacific Islanders in Speculative Fiction" then I could have a section on sf by Pākehā (maybe mention the ambiguous Lord and Lady Taiepa of Vogel's AD2000 and the "Uh uh, I'm totally not talking about New Zealand so this is totally not a Māori" native guide of Erewhon) and some of the Issues with Pākehā dominating sf about Māori etc(1), and moreover I could include Chris Baker and Tulia Thompson.

(1) It seems to me that there are also Issues with a Pākehā writing a bibliography of Māori sf. (For one, a bibliographer has to somehow draw a line between fantasy, magical realism, and non-fantasy with elements of spirituality.) But it also seems to me that it could be a useful thing to exist. So... as always, research and thought required.
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