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Aftershocks during the night gave me the opportunity to discover by experiment that "Oh thank goodness I can just pull my pillow over my head" wins out over force of habit. Also that it's a lot easier to get back to sleep that way.

There was a big aftershock this morning that everyone (twitter, radio, Civil Defence, etc) thought was the long-feared 6 (rule of thumb is that aftershocks can be up to 1 magnitude less than the original) but it turned out to be a mere 5.1, just really close and really shallow. Afterwards people started reporting sulphur, and bear in mind that the area the shock came from is not so far from old volcanoes. I dismissed this as power of suggestion until the reports apparently became so widespread that Civil Defence felt the need to reassure us that we've got nothing to worry about.

After that one there was news of fresh cracks in Lyttelton Tunnel (now judged sound again), and more buildings being evacuated and/or collapsing, and, curse it, libraries that were going to open today now need to be checked again, and the university which was going to start allowing staff in to cleanup is now delaying that another day too. I thought I was going to be able to go in tomorrow to move a million books back onto shelves, but apparently I get to sit here going mildly crazy for another day instead.

Had a lovely phonecall from a colleague saying I was welcome to go visit her if I liked. And then I went out to bring in my empty rubbish bins (rubbish was collected before that shock! but word is that mail delivery was cancelled after it) and met a neighbour and we chatted for a bit and she said I was welcome to go visit them if I liked. At some point I also assured her that my house is wood so awesome resilient. And then it occurred to me that my garage, by contrast, is concrete blocks and plaster so maybe I should go look at that.

...So yeah, then I phoned a friend who's keeping a car in there in case she wants to rethink that plan, and then I took photos, and then I took increasingly suspicious photos of probably-just-surface-but-who-knows? cracks in my house's foundations, and then I filed a claim with the Earthquake Commission (webforms mean never having to wait on hold) and left a message on my insurance company's answerphone to let them know I'd done so. It's minor stuff so won't be high on anyone's priority list but at least it's started.

Then I felt the need for a whine on Twitter and some chocolate.

Then Mum rang and we had a nice chat while I looked upwards and thought, "You know, I don't think the light fixture used to have that crack where it joins the ceiling." So, mental note not to stand underneath that until I can get a proper look at it.

And then I felt the need to create a silly icon, and lo, here it is:

zebra with stripes shaking

So I've gone and updated all my DreamWidth earthquake entries to include that, and now I feel a little bit better. Though more chocolate probably won't hurt either.

Date: 2010-09-08 04:43 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] brooksmoses
This is sounding like quite the adventure, especially for not actually going anywhere to have it!

FWIW, when I was talking to a home inspector about cracks (this was in the context of houses settling, but around here the earthquakes do help settle them on occasion), he said that the general rule is that cracks in plastering are nothing to worry about, but gaps are cause for concern. I expect this also applies to foundations, but yeah, for those better to have someone look at it at some point.

Date: 2010-09-08 05:20 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ajk
Adventure is other people having a miserable time somewhere far away. But I note it goes sour when you know those other people.

Hope the house is well enough.

I was there on March 6, 1998. I didn't see it actually happening, my view was blocked by buildings. But I was there within ten minutes. A fellow student was on the platform and saw it. She was one of the people who called it in. My mother was supposed to be on that train, but she had decided to come the next day, instead. Do you know what my predominant thought was, beyond that? I CAN USE THIS IN MY WRITING SOMEHOW!

Jaksamisia :-)
Edited Date: 2010-09-08 05:20 am (UTC)

Date: 2010-09-08 05:59 am (UTC)
annathepiper: (Default)
From: [personal profile] annathepiper
Your zebra is awesome!

And I continue to be glad you're reasonably okay! It all sounds very stressful though and I hope everything settles down soon.


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