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My second Criminal Minds fanvid - constructed reality or whatever you call this kind of thing, in which Our Team is "running around robbing banks all whacked up on scooby snacks". (In other words, for those of my friends who don't watch Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds is nothing like this fanvid.)

Thus no spoilers really. Trigger warnings: (skip) Glorification of bankrobbing and violence; specifically lots of guns being waved around and shots fired.

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows::

Random production notes
Funnest vid ever to make!

I originally tried to use only footage from the episodes before Elle's departure, but that didn't last long.

I also originally meant Reid's "scooby snacks" to be his dilaudid, but when I got to pasting that clip in it became glaringly clear that the literalness would be way too distracting from the funtimes (and the funtimes would do a serious disservice to the literalness).

The lyrics, in the section where Hotch is confronting Morgan/"Steve", run in the original as "Sonny, I need you cool." I was, shall we say, rather uncomfortable with Hotch calling Morgan "Sonny" and tried to swap the roles around so that the scene could be eg Hotch confronting Reid instead and Morgan had some other role. I can't remember who I attempted to assign to what role, but none of it really worked. For one thing, Morgan's totally the getaway man; Reid's practically never allowed to drive. (I can't remember if I considered Morgan for the narrator or not; if not, it's because I'm a sucker for Hotch as villain. There was never any doubt that JJ was "Fast".) Finally I took Audacity to the soundtrack and found I could remove the offending word without any noticeable-to-me detriment to the song's rhythm. There'd be all sorts of other ways to deal with this but hopefully this one works.

In conclusion: This was so much fun to make.


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