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I'm baking a fruitcake for the Midwinter Christmas we're probably going to celebrate at work. This is a couple months away yet, so it's a good time to bake the cake. I started... well, on my birthday in December, when my parents gave me some jars full of dried pineapple, mango, and papaya and I thought "Ooh!" Since then I've been gathering other dried fruits that don't normally go in Christmas cakes: apricots and cranberries, and a couple of weeks ago some guava.

A few days ago I added in some sultanas to make it up to 1.5kg(1), and then I soaked it in rather a lot of brandy.

Today I figured it was probably sufficiently sozzled, plus I'm going back to work tomorrow, so I recopied the recipe from Mum, made up the batter, lifted the gladwrap off the brandy-soaked fruit, took a whiff and promptly became quite happy indeed, mixed the lot together and put it in the (butter-paper)-and-(corrugated-cardboard)-lined tin.

(Boots helped by sitting on one of the pieces of butter-paper but fortunately Mum had given me sufficient spares. I'm not sure where she's gone off to put her buttery butt now though.)

It's now in the oven where it will cook for several hours and then get another dose of brandy. I hope this will contribute significantly to the Christmas Spirit at the party at work (and also that there are leftovers, but we're a small team and it's going to be a very solid cake).

(1) Actually I think the recipe should read "Take 1.6kg of dried fruit. Soak in brandy overnight / for a few days. Mix the batter, then add the 1.5kg of fruit."


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