May. 27th, 2011

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I did admittedly have couple of hours of my ordinary tasks first thing in the morning -- part of which involved communicating with some Internal Relationships (to use position description jargon) about whether or not they could attend the seminar. Then my manager instant messaged me to ask if I could a) make posters and b) do the physical set-up for it, so I made the posters and checked about extension cords and such.

Usually it's quarter of an hour to walk between campuses, but I had to go via another branch to pick up the dataprojector, so it turned out half an hour. Half an hour to set up. One hour for the seminar. Half an hour for lunch (which I spent with the speaker) and then a 40 minute meeting with her and an Internal Relationship who hadn't been able to make the seminar.

Then back to the other branch to return the dataprojector and discovered that the office it resides in was occupied. Now, this colleague -- just as, if you go between campuses you have to spend quarter of an hour walking, so if you meet this colleague you have to spend an hour and a half talking. Law of nature. I don't understand everything he says or how on earth he segues so smoothly between so many disparate subjects, but it's always fascinating.

Then I walked back to my current home-branch. I'd planned to check my email for emergencies before I left, but (partly due to a blister -- I may eventually give up on these boots :-( ) I only got there in time to pack up, phone the pharmacy, and grab the bus.

Attempted to return an interloan to the (temporary) public library except, even leaving earlier than I would on days when I have a 1-hour lunch plus proper tea breaks, it was closed by the time my bus got me there. On the way though I got attacked by a sudden fit of melancholy at seeing a glimpse of its proper (but inaccessible) location and walking over a hump in the sidewalk(*), and haven't figured out what I'll spend the evening doing to combat this yet.

(*) Have I mentioned humps in the sidewalk? And in the road, of course, but many/most of those are more or less levelled by now. I must have. But they're so fascinating. The asphalt has actually stretched over the sand volcano that's erupted beneath it. Stretchy concrete! So cool!

Oh, also I'll recommend the charity anthology Tales for Canterbury. 34 stories, extremely competitively priced DRM-free ebook (print version coming soon), proceeds to Red Cross. I reviewed it on Goodreads.
zeborah: Zebra with stripes shaking (earthquake)
I believe I forgot to mention that, when my next door neighbours were moving out for the second time (I think they weren't very happy with the fixes their landlord put in place, or maybe just the big aftershock we had shortly after they moved back in was the last straw; by the way the house next door to me is now available for lease if anyone's keen) they had a container on the street for all their furniture and so forth. And the container was TARDIS-blue. And when you turned the corner from the main road, you saw it end-on and with part of it blocked by lampposts and it looked just like the Doctor had parked there for a refuel.

But that's not the cool thing. You see, inspired by this, and portaloos -- especially one I saw in that same TARDIS-blue -- I came up with:
The TARDIS lands in Christchurch. A local bursts through the door, then looks around in bewilderment. "It's bigger on the inside," the Doctor starts to explain. "I can see that," says the local, "but where's the loo?"

This is also not the cool thing. Because while I was failing to get it to a tweetable length, @entomocephalous tweeted the far superior:
Just saw a Porta-Loo painted up to look like the TARDIS. It's smellier on the inside. #thisisawesome #eqnz

I promptly said a politer version of "Pix or it didn't happen", but alas, none were forthcoming. A couple of days later, I saw it myself while on a bus; and a few days after that I took my own camera with me on the same route. Alas, the bus went by too fast and I decided fate was determined to leave us without proof.

But -- and this right here is the cool thing -- today my Mum got the photo! <happy-dance>


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