Apr. 27th, 2011

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Day 1: Boots gobbles the green pill on the assumption that it's the same as one of her normal pale brown palatable pills. (I'm a big fan of palatable pills.)

Day 2: Boots remembers that the green pill is not in fact palatable so I'm forced to do the ordinary pilling thing. (She gobbles the pale brown pill quite happily.)

Day 3: Boots remembers that being pilled is unpleasant so I hide the pill in some of her super nommy goop.

Day 4: Boots remembers that a pill surrounded by super nommy goop is still a pill so I'm forced to do the ordinary pilling thing and now it's sticky so sticks to my finger so this takes multiple tries.

Day 5: I resort to Google, find some videos of remarkably placid cats and the old how to pill a cat joke which I think is more documentary than humour but anyway. I attempt the margarine thing but it sticks to my finger and when I hopefully attempt to let her just nom it she just licks the margarine off it. I get the pill into her half a dozen times and she spits it out half a dozen times (once after holding it cunningly in her mouth for over half a minute until I unlock her catflap, upon which <spit, flee>) and it dissolves into a crumbly mess twice. --I speak by now of the platonic pill. By the time I succeed it's the third pill of the day. Will have to get another repeat from the vet at some point when I know how many to ask for....

Day 6: I plan to mash the pill into her super-nommy glop. But goodness knows what I'll do on days 7-14.

In random earthquake news:
I turned up at choir last night and discovered our normal practice room has been taped off. Hung around for a while half-chatting with the AA greeting folk and half-trying not to get in their way, but no-one else turned up; I seem to have missed a message at some point. On the bus on the way home I listened to another passenger chatting with the bus driver about portaloos and chemical toilets. Post-earthquake smalltalk is from another world.
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(I've been pondering this a while but got around to it tonight after reading [personal profile] annathepiper's review of S6ep1.)

Moffat has some harmless and indeed interesting thematic refrains going on, one about eyes and sight and such, and another about forgetting and remembering and such. I rather like these things.

What I'm less happy with is his compulsion to store sick girls in boxes so that his boys can take them out and play with them when it's convenient.

Contains spoilers through to season 6 episode 1 of Doctor Who. )

If it was just the Doctor storing girls in boxes for their own good, that'd just be the Doctor being the Doctor. But it's done by all sorts of other people too; it recurs so often in so many (minor) variations, and the girls and women are always portrayed as content to be in the box and ecstatic to being taken out and played with, and it's getting increasingly disturbing.

If I get through my current fanvidding project (been dragging on since at least September) I'll be rather tempted to skip all my other ideas and go straight to Living Doll. If I only had the time...


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