Sep. 21st, 2010

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Aftershocks are seriously spacing out. We didn't have one all Sunday, and I put almost all my ornaments back up, albeit with large quantities of Blu-Tack to encourage them to stay up.

Just after the midnight that begins Monday we had a 4.6 (which, incidentally, 4.6 was totally my guess; I'm getting good at this though alas I suspect my skills would not transfer to judging the magnitude of earthquakes significantly more than 30km away) and a 4.1 during the day (which I didn't notice since I was moving around at work) and a couple of random 3s (which don't really count).

Boots has been hanging around more and is back to a regular two meals a day. Last night she snuggled on my lap for a while. When I went to bed, instead of disappearing next door to her hidey-hole, she came and snuggled in bed with me. She practically never snuggles in bed with me, and when she does, after a few minutes it's too hot or confining and she crawls out again. Which indeed she did last night, and went to settle in the wardrobe instead.

Then in the middle of the night I woke up and found her next to me on top of my bed, at arm-level. (Normally she sleeps by my shin, or maybe my thigh if she's cold.) I had to get up, which disturbed her and I think she went out at that point, but she was back at the appropriate time for breakfast this morning.
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Local body elections are arguably less important than national government elections, but they're a hell of a lot more fun. Here in Christchurch we get mail containing our voting papers, instructions, and candidate information, and you get to read everything, tick your favourite boxes, and post it back.

The fun comes in because many of the candidates hold views on the world which are somewhat orthogonal to reality. My normal method of voting goes: scan the 14 manifestos; eliminate those who couldn't be bothered to spell-check or include a photo; eliminate the weirdos (weird quotes are in bold so you can scan for those if you get bored); choose between the remaining 3 candidates.

Spoiler alert: commentary on Christchurch local body candidates )

So that narrows it down to two.

But wait, there's more!

Spoilers for councillors )
(Boots entertains herself by knocking down my pen and chasing it back and forth across the room.)

Retrieving my pen I continue )

(Boots sits on my voting paper and cleans her toenails.)

Retrieving my voting papers I continue )
(Boots is getting decidedly skittish, but fortunately that's it for the next few years.)


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