Apr. 12th, 2010

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O hai thar Internets, I need vital informations! Imagine a pictorial stained glass window for a church, about 1x2 metres. How long would it, in Denmark in the 16th century, have taken to do each of:
a) source coloured glass (or might one have it lying around)?
b) cut said glass into appropriately shaped bitties?
c) join the bitties together and have a glorious window?

I'm grasping at straws in my chronology and if I get inconvenient answers I'll have to rewrite this scene again from scratch.

I mean, I already have to write it again from scratch, because the conversations started in the wrong order, but I'll have to write it again from scratch without a stained glass window, and that stained glass window was going to merge a couple of plot strands, a couple of theme strands, and a whole heap of OMG PRETTY.

Just so you know why I'm going to be bald in a day or two when my artist friend comes back from her glass class with informations for me.

Update #1: Thanks all, I'm growing increasingly resigned to Plan A being the stuff of deals with the devil and, on the upside, increasingly optimistic about my new shiny Plan C potentially working. (Plan B was unsatisfactory.)

Update #2: (written at the same time as update #1) Semi-related revelations force me to admit that I now need to rewrite part of the penultimate scene. "One step forward, two steps back" strikes again!
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I posted a couple of updates to my hair-tearing post, including "One step forward, two steps back" strikes again!

Which technically is unfair because after an aeon or two I am actually nearing the end of the book, more or less, touch wood and so forth.

However, at points which number in the hundreds it's been a near thing, and now for the first time do I realise the monstrosity I could have wrought had I slackened in my eternal vigilance: a book with a negative wordcount.

I... I don't know what such a book would be like. But I'm pretty sure it'd end up with the Doctor shouting "Run!" a lot.


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