Jan. 1st, 2010

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Come on in, the water's fine!
zeborah: Map of New Zealand with a zebra salient (Default)
In reverse order of chronology:

1) Discovering vanilla icecream in one's freezer one had forgotten about seems pleasant at first, and leads one to create a spider made from said icecream with ginger beer. Unfortunately it turns out the icecream had lain there so long that it is now chewy. This is dissatisfying!

2) I finally finished reading Middlemarch. I've started it several times, and adored it, but it's so dense I've kept getting distracted by other things and then having to start over. But having all this Christmas/New Year period on leave I've managed to finish it, yay! Unfortunately I found the ending dissatisfying!

Spoilers for a 140-year-old classic of English literature )

The rest of the novel was just fine, though. I particularly liked the way, after I'd spent a long portion of it vehemently wishing for someone's death in order to relieve someone of torment, the death happened in such a way as to visit torment upon about pretty much everyone I cared about. That was wondrously achieved; I want to do something like that myself one day.


zeborah: Map of New Zealand with a zebra salient (Default)

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