Jun. 7th, 2008

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This is an annoying kind of lethargic where I feel perfectly fine up until the point where I'm half-way through the chill rain to the library, at which I decide I wanna go home. I don't go home because my books are due today and it's impossible to renew one's books; I believe they've even gone back to calling the "extended loan charges" an oldfashioned "fine".

So I returned my books and got new ones and decided to stay in the warm mall for a bit because The Warehouse had DVDs on special and I wanted to buy a card for a friend. Only it turns out that when I'm feeling tired I'm even less likely to buy anything because I don't have the energy to tell myself, "Yes, you really *do* want that and it really *is* a good price." (This is like how alcohol does not release my inner creativity, it only suppresses my ability to suppress the Internal Editor.)

I did manage to get some juice, a Danish and some lollies from the supermarket, but I fled when my disquiet at the gradual dismantling of the pick 'n' mix grew ever more anxious, wan, with every additional "Special" sticker I saw. Fortunately the brand spanking new equipment at the cash registers relieved any lingering paranoiac fears that They were secretly closing down the entire supermarket.

On the way home I fancied that the rain was rather thick and white. Gradually I became aware that it was in fact snow. O Antarctica, why?

If I call in sick again on Monday I'll miss the 'on-track chat' with my boss, which would be good because I haven't been in long enough since we set the appointment to prepare for it. But most likely I'll feel good enough to go until I've been there for two or three hours and am looking forward with dread to the rest of a long week. Gah. Dear body: sick or not sick; make up your mind.

Hmm. I don't appear to have a tag for "wangst". Shall I add one? Too lethargic to decide.
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I had an urge to watch "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat" earlier this afternoon, which is a shame, because it's astoundingly bad, and this particular production of it made it about ten times worse than it needed to be. Every single event which could have been dramatised was instead narrated in rather boring song.

The reason for the narrator's existence was probably because without her there'd have been no significant female presence in the show at all, but it means that even the seduction scene gets narrated over the top of Potiphar's wife sitting and looking passively evil. (She doesn't even cry rape; Potiphar bursts in on them!) All the other women bit-part characters are there to show a bit of leg (preferably a lot of leg) in some random dance sequence or other. Rachel's role is to seduce her husband and secondarily to weep over Joseph's coat.

I did like the black and white theme of Potiphar's household; very stylish. Pharoah's Elvis-style dream retelling wasn't bad; I quite liked the fact that they didn't draw particular attention to the fact that he was wearing blue shoes.... The rest of the show I remember little about, except that so much time was wasted on interminable random dance sequences that they had to miss out the whole thing where Joseph sent his brothers home to get Benjamin. OTOH by this time I was just waiting for it to finish.

At the mall I remembered I also have "Joseph: King of Dreams", which was a weak attempt at cashing in on "Moses: Prince of Egypt", but still far superior to "Dreamcoat". Joseph's dreams were all Van Gogh-style. It made an attempt to show what an up-himself git he was, but then did an about-face to make him actually be yearning to hang out with his brothers.

I think Jacob's first wife Leah and his concubines were tied up behind a tent somewhere so he could seem wholesomely monogamous with Rachel; Rachel gets a scene where she sings sweet motherly words of wisdom to her son, essentially "Make up with your brothers". (Later Joseph meets and marries a woman who sings on the same theme using the same tune and chorus.) Making Potiphar's wife repent of lying was an... interesting choice.

When Joseph's brothers come, he does remember to imprison one and send the others back for Benjamin, which is a particular feat given that until this moment whenever we've seen the brothers together (or Joseph's painting of home) there've only been ten brothers plus Joseph. (Yes, I kept pausing to count.) And towards the end I'm fairly sure someone said Joseph was the youngest brother.... But despite this and the generally Hallmark-ified song lyrics, it was a decent antidote for "Dreamcoat".


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