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(This is in Wellington this time, I didn't feel a thing.)

Masonry fell, people started panic buying at supermarkets and one person was knocked out by a falling TV in the 20-second quake that was followed by a flurry of aftershocks.

For background, New Zealand is a series of seismic faults with a bunch of volcanic cherries on top. So yeah, technically this one was 'bigger than February' as another headline puts it, but in a different situation so no-one was killed and damage seems relatively minimal - nuisance value. I mean, absolutely all sympathy/empathy during the aftershocks and confusion for friends and family and others there, especially those who left Christchurch, but at least it relieves my own reflexive anxiety.

Date: 2013-07-21 08:28 pm (UTC)
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I saw the headline on the BBC website and went "Eek! Zeborah!", but then saw that a) it wasn't Christchurch, b) it seemed to be much lower impact in terms of damage/injuries. I just hope that this one has relieved some stress on the fault.


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