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I needed some jerseys and some thermal underwear and whatever else I could find, so I made a date with my sister to go clothes shopping. In due course I came home with one jersey, one pair of woollen tights, and six books.

(Borders was having a "Fill a bag for $10 sale". I could have fit a lot more books in if I'd been thinking with my Bookcrossing hat on instead of my "Would I conceivably read this?" hat. At least I did go back and grab a copy of Ko Maui Raua Ko Te Atua O Te Ahi even though I'm going to need to read it with my dictionary next to me.)

I did figure out why none of the shops anywhere anywhere sell bottle-green jerseys. It's because bottle-green jerseys are part of some school uniforms, so it'd look totally dorky. (I was briefly tempted to buy one of the school jerseys anyway, but... it really really looks like part of a school uniform.) Hypothesis: this may also be why it's impossible to find non-transparent white blouses. I don't understand the point of transparent white blouses, but presumably someone buys them.

I used to have a bottle-green jersey which didn't look like part of a school uniform, and it was awesome, so I spilled things on it and then wore it anyway until the cuffs started to fray. Same thing happened with the nearly-eggyolk yellow jersey I had. I miss those jerseys fiercely. However, my new purple jersey is very nice too.

I retain an abiding interest in woollen tights of colours beyond Columbine's range of blue, black, grey, or another-grey, but I think for this I shall have to resort to online shopping and shipping.

Date: 2011-06-29 06:27 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Becky here. LOL about the books. I see we still share the compulsive "oh look, it's books! Let's shop." habit. So, bottle green jersey -- I'm assuming that's a sweater? And is bottle green a bright green or a dark green? Silly of me to ask, but I do know that someone's birthday is coming up... (Lord, how I miss you these days!)


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